Phia Concept Salons Client Bill of Rights

While each Phia Concept Salon has it’s own personality, guests at all our salons have the right to an unparalleled experience that leaves you eagerly anticipating your next visit. You also have the right:

  • To communicate with your service provider before your appointment so we are all clear on the goal for the visit and what you hope to accomplish, and to opt-out of this communication if you so desire.  We generally reach out to you prior to each service (unless you let us know you prefer that we don’t).
  • To inspire us with photos, images, and textures.  We may even use a portfolio, magazine, or internet during your consultation to completely understand your desired look.
  • To modify, add, delete or change your visit and/or service up to 48-hours before your visit.  Changes after 48-hours may not be possible.
  • To receive text, email, and phone reminders of your appointment (and to opt-out of any of these reminders as long as you do not have a record of missed appointments).
  • For your precious resources to be honored and preserved.  Please let us know during your consultation if your visit requires any special attention (for example a particular time or budget restriction).
  • For your stylist to perform a thorough consultation where we encourage you to be completely candid regarding your needs and desires.
  • To see and agree to a written plan with a price quote including any discounts you’ve presented, a product recommendation and a time estimate before we touch a hair on your head.
  • To be introduced to (or encouraged to visit) several additional service providers so that you have several options to accommodate your schedule and budget for future visits.
  • To bring in your own hair care and styling products if you prefer your own brands.  (Keep in mind that our color services are not guaranteed unless our care and styling products are used).
  • To a stress relieving treatment or sensory experience to center your being. [link to appointment arrival time page]
  • To a peaceful and enjoyable experience [link to child policy]
  • To possess as much knowledge as you desire to enjoy the styling possibilities of your new cut and/or color as well as to understand the products used to create your look.
  • To have your spirit revived with aroma, skin refreshed with toner, or lips touched up with gloss or color before you leave our salon.
  • To a personal shopper.  Your professional will walk you through the product shelves or see that another highly trained expert who is well versed in all product lines can attend to your needs.
  • To return within 7 days for a complimentary adjustment to your service if the expectation of your purchased service was not achieved as outlined on Service Planning Worksheet.  (Adjustments outside of 7-days or for results that were not expected from the service you purchased will incur additional expense) Please contact us within 72-hours of original service to schedule return visit.
  • To receive the time and attention you deserve.  To protect this time, we will do our best to pre-book your next appointment before you leave.
  • For your first service to be great, your next to be even better, and your third to be close to perfect!  Since we keep detailed records, we can track your growth patterns, texture, product preferences and stubborn areas.
  • To communicate any experience, thought or suggestion following your visit, and to opt-out of this communication if you prefer.  We reach out to you after each service to better understand your future plans, needs and goals (unless you let us know you prefer that we don’t).

Please notify us if there is any reason, medical or otherwise, we should limit services available to you. This includes notifying us of potential allergies or any prescriptions that might affect a hair or skin service.


Thank you for providing notice of cancellation sufficient for us to make alternate arrangements for the time of your service

With 72-hour notice we are able to book your next appointment with no cancellation premium!

Cancellation fees depend on the notice provided and the type of appointment


Standard Appointments        

Cancellation timeframe                                                                               Cancellation fee

49 to 72-hour notice                                                    $10.00   or half the price of the booked service, whichever is less

25 to 48-hour notice                                                    $20.00   or half the price of the booked service, whichever is less

13 to 24-hour notice                                                    $30.00   or half the price of the booked service, whichever is less

2 to 12-hour notice                                                      $40.00   or half the price of the booked service, whichever is less

no-show to 2-hour notice                                           $50.00   or half the price of the booked service, whichever is less


Specialty Appointments (which require a deposit of 50% of the cost of the service)

Cancellation timeframe                                                                               Cancellation fee

more than 72-hour notice                                          entire deposit may be transferred to rescheduled service

25 to 72-hour notice                                                    forfeit half of deposit, remainder may be transferred to rescheduled service

no-show to 24-hour notice                                        forfeit entire deposit