Why Philosophi™?

There are already some fantastic salons in and around Clintonville. Rafiel’s and Lennonheads are both great Aveda salons not far from Philosophi’s location. Jeckyl and Hyde was nominated for the SBB award two years running and Lucky 13 has been around for years! So why would anyone want to try Philosophi? Other than superior services from our talented professionals who receive continuing education rivaling any top salon, here are just a few reasons Philosophi might be perfect for you:

Many sources suggest that other than lipstick and hand lotion (which may be ingested), there is no need to avoid gluten in personal care products.  Some staff and clients, though, claim to have different experiences.  One employee who is sensitive to gluten in her food finds that gluten-containing products give her a skin rash.  Another, who has no reason to believe she has a digestive reaction to gluten, experiences an unpleasant reaction when she is too close to anyone who is spraying any gluten-containing hair spray.

According to Dr. Glen Aukerman, from OSU’s Center for Integrative Medicine, “Although not every patient has classic celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, about ninety-five percent of my patients do have a significant gluten sensitivity…”  As our staff and clients have noted, it seems that in some people these sensitivities may be triggered by topical application or inhalation.  Whatever the source or level of sensitivity, we wanted to provide an environment where staff and clients alike can feel comfortable.

While our Intelligent Nutrients retail line is entirely Gluten-Free, we were very committed to using the spectacular Aveda™ hair color.  While the hair color is formulated without Gluten, Aveda’s manufacturing facility does produce other products that contain ingredients such as “hydrolyzed wheat protein.”  If the small risk of cross-contamination concerns anyone who is particularly sensitive to gluten, you can minimize exposure by choosing a service where the color does not touch the scalp (like balayage) or avoid color services entirely.

Aveda is an incredible product line.  Since many of the styling products contain wheat and/or gluten ingredients, we were not able to include the Aveda product line in this Gluten Aware Concept Salon.

Guests who do want to buy Aveda products may purchase from Phia Salon in the Short North (or any Aveda Salon) from the Aveda website here.  or from an the experience center at Polaris or Easton.

Our staff is very committed to those folks who truly need to be protected from Gluten in their environment, which is why they pledge not to wear gluten-containing lotions, creams or sprays on the days they work at Philosophi.  They also pledge not to bring gluten onto the shop floor.

Wonderful!  We’ll still love to see your beautiful face in our salon, and you’ll probably still love the Intelligent Nutrients™ retail line.  You’re lucky since you also don’t have to worry about any reaction from the wheat proteins in Aveda™ products.  While we don’t sell Aveda at Philosophi, you can find them at any local Aveda Salon, at the Aveda Experience Center, or from the Aveda website here..  We just ask that all guests abide by our commitment to not bring gluten-containing foods on to the shop floor!

We ask all guests to give 72 hours notice if canceling or rescheduling an appointment. This allows time for other guests to secure the appointment time and for our stylists to keep their books full.  If you purchase a “Daily Deal” like Groupon, Living Social, Yelp Deal, etc., canceling or rescheduling an appointment inside of 72 hours voids the full value of the deal. We will honor the original purchase price of the deal up until the expiration date.