See a Concierge Cut!

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Our standard for all concierge services is simply “better than it was before we started.” According to Annah, “I don’t expect someone to be able to duplicate what I can do with hundreds of classes, thousands of hours of training and tens-of-thousands of hours behind the chair but I can usually help them better their current situation”.

Shadow Roots

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Whether you use the layman’s term, Shadow Root, or the professional’s term, Stretched Root, this is a look to be considered. Roots that are darker than the ends can create subtle dimension and depth, or an illusion of color having grown out several weeks.

Holiday Gift Guide

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With the holidays upon us, many of us are in a frenzy to “get our shopping done!”  What if you could avoid land-sharking parking spots at the mall or fighting to protect your online purchases from porch bandits? On a cross-country flight, you might peruse the SkyMall catalog, but you still have to order, wait, and wrap! What if you could …

Blonding Maintenence Part 2: Products

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It’s not a wives’ tale that chemically produced blonde hair is more fragile and brittle than natural blonde hair. The fragility is due to the lightening, or lifting, process which changes the protein structure of the hair, causing it to weaken. In order to strengthen the hair, you want to invest in products that contain keratin, amino acids, and hydrating …

Blonding Maintenance Pt. 1: Salon Visits

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Caring for blonde hair can seem daunting at first: extra appointments, additional products, new habits? Oh my! But never fear, we are here to break down the basics when it comes to keeping your best blonde look on lock. Let’s look at how often you can anticipate being in the salon to maintain the best balayage in Columbus, Ohio! Better …

99 Problems, But Curls Ain’t One

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When it comes to curly hair there are plenty of myths, advice, and ways of caring for textured hair. One thing that all professionals agree on is that there is no one-size-fits-all method for getting the most out of your hair. For many of us, learning about our curls resulted in anything from some perm-gone-wrong situations to dripping out of …

Fashion Color Extraordinaire!

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Fashion color is everywhere! If you have Instagram you’ve seen them. If you’ve been to a music festival, I bet you’ve caught yourself staring at some fantasy hair color thinking, “How did they do that?” I sat down with Lux and Aerial, our Fashion Color experts, to give you the lowdown on what it is and what we see happening …