Philosophi is a sibling of the successful Phia Salon in the Short North Arts District, Philosophi can be enjoyed by everyone, and was created with the needs of those who are gluten-sensitive in mind. Those who are cautious about the products they use on their hair and skin and even in the air will feel confident at Philosophi where are our haircolor and retail products are either entirely gluten free or are formulated without gluten. Our well-trained and professional staff is also committed to the gluten-aware environment and pledges not to use cremes, lotions, or sprays that are formulated with gluten on the days they work at Philosophi Salon.


At Philosophi, we bring the best version of ourselves daily. We inspire, create, and build health for ourselves and our guests in an environment that supports individual preferences and needs.


Philosophi is the second salon in the Phia Concept network.  Philosophi was founded as we could no longer ignore the desires our clients expressed in a gluten-sensitive salon concept.  The staff members concurred, and interest peaked just as the perfect space presented itself in Clintonville.  Add to that the passion of eight operating partners with experience from the original Phia Concept location, and Philosophi had to be born!