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concierge cut video clip

In case you’ve been wondering about our guided videos, such as the concierge cut, check out this great article today in the Columbus Dispatch! 

The article features our own Annah talking longtime client Mary Moore through the process of cutting her husband’s hair. Sam Moore, the brave husband has been a client of various Phia Concept salons for almost a decade.

Sam’s hopes weren’t too high, and we didn’t promise much: Our standard for all concierge services is simply “better than it was before we started.” According to Annah, “I don’t expect someone to be able to duplicate what I can do with hundreds of classes, thousands of hours of training and tens-of-thousands of hours behind the chair but I can usually help them better their current situation”.

In the end, Mary turned out to have some unexpected natural talent and Sam is pretty pleased with the result of the concierge cut. Still, both Sam and Mary shared that they hope not to have to repeat the at-home service and can’t wait until it is safe for the salons to reopen. 

And while the result might not be a level 5 stylist cut, we think Sam looks pretty cute:

concierge client's haircut

We’ve said from the start that we’re thrilled if you can wait for us, but if you can’t, we understand. Click here to access products and services, such as our concierge cut, to help you through the rest of the Stay at Home period.

“We hope you can wait for us, but if you can’t, we want to help you,” Bella said.

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