2020 Hair Color Trends

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The future is bright and so are some of these trends. As we wrap up 2019 and begin to plan for 2020, we’ve gathered our favorite looks of the last year and what we see sticking around. From the simplest of surprises to slimy yet satisfying rule-breakers, our colorists in Columbus, Ohio are stoked to keep you up to speed on the best and brightest! Here’s our top 6 hair color trends for 2020 from our stylists:

Money Piece

Beyoncé by no means had it first, but she had it the most fierce. The Money Piece is an industry term gone viral thanks to our Queen, referring to the bold placement of bright color directly framing the face, or Money Maker. This is done in conjunction with your regular balayage or babylights, or created on its own for a standout performance. Either way, folks will be asking for your Colorist and an encore.

Mushroom Brown

Pinterest’s obsession this year is nowhere near over. Don’t be fooled by its seemingly subtle appearance, Mushroom will be a big investment to achieve as it’s created through a series of highlights, lowlights, and multiple toners. But once it’s complete it’s a beautiful result you’re sure to love in the Fall months. This trend boasts low maintenance as its primary appeal.

Muted Rainbow Hair

While rainbows are going nowhere, we continue to see the trend shift into muted, softer versions of our favorite colors. Hushed pinks and Smokey greens make any palette a bit more palpable to any passerby and offer a sophisticated take on this timeless trend. Thinking something fun but need to keep it work appropriate? Give this trend a try with hidden rainbows or simple additions of pastels into your highlights.

Neon Grunge

Inspired by breakout artist, Billie Eilish, we keep seeing neons with cool twists like her slime green roots. We are so into some experimental color placement and this look, while exceptional, is no exception. This take on the Two-Tone trend can be achieved with nearly any color imaginable as long you’re ready for the upkeep! It’ll look perfect for less than a month, so prepare yourself to see your colorist more often than usual to keep it fresh.

Rosie and Goldilocks

The opposite of the Mushroom trend, we bring you hair that is reminiscent of summer sunsets: Rosé and Gold.

Anywhere from pops of pure yellow to a soft champagne finish, gold is back and we have never been happier. This is a much lower maintenance look than the ash or platinum trends of the last few years. As is it’s sister, the Rose Gold. Rose Gold can mean copper to some and pink to others, so be sure to have specific examples of what you want when speaking with your colorist about this trend. These looks can be created on their own or in a cocktail to give you a truly custom look that’s bound to be the envy of your social circle.

Bleached Buzz

It’s a look not reserved for the bravest, but the boldest. Resurfacing with the return of the Mad Max franchise in 2016, the buzz cut made a serious comeback and we are here to report that it is still going strong. If you’re looking to take this look to the next level, take a note from Cara Delevine and go platinum. From here you can keep an icy white look relatively easily. Step aside Khaleesi, we have a new Queen that us all ready to bend the knee.

Is platinum not bold enough? This the perfect look to experiment with fashion colors as they can be cut out quickly as you maintain this cropped cut. You’re free to have a new color every month and release your inner unicorn!

So, what’s your pick out of all 2020 hair color trends? It may come as a surprise that some of the best colorists in the midwest come from Columbus, Ohio. We have some of the brightest blonde hair specialists and the best fashion color in the biz. Come on in for a consultation at our locations in Clintonville, Short North, or Bexley with some of the best colorists in Columbus!

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