Haircut Trends: Bowl Cuts, Fashion Mullets, and Mod Bobs

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The rumors are true: Bowl cuts are back. Mullets are back. Bobs are back. And frankly, they’ve never looked better. With history repeating itself in a fabulous way, we thought we’d take a moment to shed light on these new haircut trends and offer a few options if you’re considering any of these head-turning looks.


We’ve mentioned this look before in our Game of Thrones blog when Jamie Lannister strolled into the Seven Kingdoms with a shaggy little bowl shape and we were as smitten as ever. Now Netflix has a new leading lad with a curly head of cuteness in their series The King. This look is indicative of period pieces, which technically makes it a classic, right?

The Bowl Cut is also being rocked by Charlize Theron, who also ignited the buzz cut with her Mad Max reboot, and it is stunning! She’s combined it with a two-tone coloring to accentuate the style. This cut pairs well with contrasting colors, such as blonde and brown, as it accentuates the bold shape and makes a strong and proud statement. Another direction that requires less upkeep is to go monochromatic and keep one color throughout the look. Keep in mind, though, that the tighter the undercut, the more color difference you’ll see due to scalp exposure.

Even our stylists in Columbus, Ohio are embracing this look. A collaboration by artists Jazmen and Artistic Director, Annah resulted in this gorgeous, textured bowl that shows off her cheekbones.

Bowl cut Columbus, Ohio Jazmen 
haircut by Annah Davis Phia Salon
Bowl cut on Jazmen by Annah Davis

Bowl Cuts are ideal for people with sharper jawlines and straight hair or controlled curls. This is a great cut for thicker hair because the undercut removes much of the bulk and leaves a playful top. If your hair tends to be frizzy or thin, you may want to stray away from this one. We’ve got other options for you and can give you fullness and fun!


The mullet may have seemed to disappear with the ’80s, but it never truly died! Versions of it have existed in alternative fashion since its inception, and now it’s making an obvious comeback. Mitch Grassi from the a cappella group Pentatonix is a perfect example of this modern masterpiece, blending several distinct elements into an unforgettable, iconic look. Extra tight faded sides, baby bangs, a cropped top, and a full tail all sing in harmony.

Mitch Grassi mullet
Mitch Grassi of Pentatonix

This cut can handle lots of variation to make it one’s own. Like snowflakes, no two mullets should ever be the same. You can go much tighter through the sides and style the top up with some clay, or go a far more subtle route by keeping everything long and layered, creating the essence of the trend without the upkeep.

This is a truly versatile haircut that can be altered to accentuate nearly any face shape or bone structure. The Mullet is a staple of the last 40 years and we are thrilled to witness its continued evolution.


Gracing magazine pages yet again is the sweet and simple French Bob. Bobs originated in the 1920s when “bobbing” one’s hair was a bold, feminist statement, seen as liberating women from the stuffy times of the previous century and a push toward androgyny and equality. This haircut sparked a revolution. If that’s not enough reason to bob-it, I don’t know what is!

Byron Turnbull French Bob
Byron Turnbull, Harper’s Bazaar

What we now consider the French Bob was re-popularized decades after the Roaring ’20s by the film Amélie, where the character of the same name sports this delightful femme style.

Audrey Tautou, Amelie bob
Audrey Tautou in ‘‘Amélie.’’ Miramax Zoe

The look is as dreamy as she is. We’ve seen variations on the silver screen more recently in the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them series, where the Goldstein sisters rock their own versions of bobs. Tina has a simple, smooth bob created for convenience, while Queenie utilizes natural curl and finger waves to give the cut a flirtatious vibe.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them bobs
“Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”

Incorporating fringe is the primary difference between a French and American bob. The fringe can be wispy, blunt, mini, long, straight, wavy, you name it! One can easily disguise a long forehead or bring attention to the eyes or smile. The goal is to find what haircut works perfectly for your personal style.

Are You So bold?

Bowls, Mullets, and Bobs, oh my! It’s no shock to us that these iconic looks have made their way full circle and landed in our laps yet again. Each look has altered pop culture in its own way, and we love any opportunity to alter someone’s look to match their inner boldness.

If you’re interested in starting your own hair revolution, schedule a consultation with any of our Haircutting Specialists in Clintonville, the Short North or now Bexley!

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