A Salon of Ice and Fire

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As our time in Westeros comes to a close, we wanted to look back at our favorite characters, their evolving signature looks, and offer some ways to pay homage to these trend-setting players in the Game of Thrones. Let’s go for a stroll down the King’s Road, shall we?

Danaerys: Badass Blonde Bombshell

An obvious starting point is Danaerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen, First of Her Name, Mother of Dragons, etc. Her character, along with her hair color, has become so iconic that it is a household name. When you say, “I want Khaleesi Hair,” we all know what you mean: Platinum Blonde. The not-so-spoiler is that it’s a wig. However, for many, this is still an achievable, albeit high maintenance look, even by King’s Landing standards. We have several blonding specialists in our Columbus salons who create looks similar to Dany’s regularly and are well versed in both high lift blondes and High Valyrian.

Her braided styles, whilst shifting to more elaborate looks in the later seasons, add texture and visual interest to what would otherwise be a monotone blonde. They may not be an everyday staple (unless you have an exceptional handmaiden at your side), but braids are an easy way to punch up your look and create dimension. This tutorial from a fellow hairstylist walks you through each of our Khaleesi’s looks for you to replicate at home. If that’s a bit too highborn for you, we offer braiding and upstyling services so you can get your Khaleesi locks for any occasion!

Missandei: Natural Curls

Missandei (rest in peace) is the Curl Queen of the Andals and rightful heir to the Throne of our hearts. Her hair has remained some of the most consistent of all characters through the last 6 seasons. Natural, bouncy, and perfect. We’ve enjoyed seeing her play with minimal protective styles needed in her ever-changing climate while holding true to a signature look.

Missandei: Natural Curls

There are salons in Columbus that specialize in curly hair, and we are so excited to have our own curl specialists on staff to support you in keeping your crown of curls on point from here to the Narrow Sea.

Missandei: Natural Curls

The Men: Tyrion, Jon and Jamie

Tyrion has been a surprising breaker of chains throughout the show. With his hair color and texture changing as dramatically as his character, we would be remiss if we didn’t honor this protagonist. From a clean-shaven, Eminem blonde in the pilot episode, to a full beard with coils of deep brown and gold highlights in seasons 7 and 8, the last Lannister standing has seen more transformation than perhaps any other person in the Seven Kingdoms.

Alternately, Jon Snow (can we call him Aegon yet?) has seen the least amount of change in the show’s run. Sure, he’s 5 years late to the Man Bun, but he wears it well. For some, this look may require a perm and a deep, brown gloss. For others, you just need to right artistic eye to keep the King in the North esthetic. We found a tutorial on how to get his signature waves at home, puppy eyes not included. For either look, we are here for it! And so are our Columbus salon’s men’s specialists.

Jon Snow hair

Jamie Lannister has seen a lot of rumors in his time on the show, but none debated as fervently as his hair. From Prince Charming Blonde, to a bowl cut that got a few bloggers hot and heavy, to a textured crop, grey temples a la Little Finger, and back to a shaggy look for the final season. It’s clear to the professional eye that the actor has a challenging head of hair to work with, and show stylists have done a great job allowing his hair to change as often as his character changes locations. How refreshing to see someone adventurous with their look and their combat skills. All hail the Kingslayer!

The Hot (Red)Heads: Ygritte, Mellisandre, Sansa



Ygritte, Mellisandre, and Sansa Stark have held the world together through their fiery looks. The Lord of Light is shining down on these women, each representing a spectrum of coppers, auburns, and violet-reds that we cannot get enough of. Since most of us are not born with these stunning hues, and the at-home color is dark and full of terrors, we turn to our professionals to give us guidance on our journey.

Ygritte red hair

Ygritte’s look is accomplished with balayage and a range of coppers to give her an earthy, Free Folk look. This is a relatively low maintenance option, especially for natural gingers.

Mellisandre red hair

Mellisandre takes on a cool, violet red for most of her seasons. This evokes a sternness and her hair color adds a powerful component to already badass character. Since bathing in the blood of our enemies isn’t an option, this look can be created in the salon on most starting hair colors.

Sansa has had a fascinating journey as a person and her hair has been a reflection of that throughout. Achieving her ever-evolving range of coppers and auburns may sound like a challenge, but it can be done simply with toned glosses to brighten up or tone down the fire.

Who grew it better: Arya or Cersei?

Both had their hair sliced off in different, yet equally traumatic moments. But how is it that Arya Stark can grow a full length of hair back in 6 seasons, while Cersei Lannister still has a mullet 4 seasons later? Shame, really. If you’re wondering the same thing about your hair growth, worry not, we have several short hair specialists available to help you sort out what in Seven Hells to do with your hair.

If you’re interested in taking your place in our Iron Thrones and seeing what royal look works for you, schedule a consultation with any specialists in the domain you’re looking for!

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