Don’t Even Think About Going Blonde…Unless You’re Willing to Do These 4 Things

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Blondes have more fun, right? You bet! Blonde is also one of the most high maintenance hair colors out there. While successful brunettes turned blondes may make it look easy-breezy, we have the top 4 tips if you want to join the Blondetourage.

1. Invest in your hair

Being blonde is expensive. Like no joke. Depending on your hair color, texture, and condition, going blonde in Columbus can cost about $250 per lifting process. All of those factors plus the strength of your hair, how much previous color is in your hair, how blonde you want to be (and how quickly), and your budget all determine what is possible during your first several visits to the salon. Often we can lighten someone to a beautiful blonde within 3 processes!

Specific products are necessary for blondes. Knock-off or drug store products won’t cut it. If cheap shampoo is stripping your color, we can’t keep the beautiful result you just invested in. If discount conditioner is causing build up, it’ll be increasingly challenging to get as light as you want. Our goal is for you to enjoy your new look and keep it as long as possible! Consider your Stylist’s product recommendations as a part of the service cost when consulting with them.

Depending on what you’re going for, any number of techniques can be used to achieve a gorgeous blonde over time, all at varying price points. Each stylist will have a different idea of what to do. Getting several consultations at reputable salons in your area could support you in understanding the blonding process, and finding the right fit for you. We have multiple blonding specialists at our Columbus, Ohio locations.

Blondes in Columbus Ohio

Check out this video for a simple overview of a blonding process and a great home care routine!

2. Be patient

Being blonde is also a time investment. Going from brunette to blonde typically takes a few months. If you’re looking for perfection, understand that it cannot be rushed.

Under the right circumstances, it is possible to go blonde in a day! It may not happen in one sitting unless you’re willing to pay for an 8-hour session. These types of lifting services are referred to as Corrective Color and are charged by the hour. At our Columbus salons, all Corrective Color services require a prior consultation where we test your hair for strength and health and discuss your custom blonding options!

Blonde hair specialist Columbus Ohio

by Annah, Phia Salon, Short North Columbus, Ohio

Even though it takes many hours and great attention to detail, a skilled stylist will take their time to ensure your hair remains healthy and be excited by the opportunity. If not, rethink your stylist!

3. Accept that (some) damage is inevitable

There is no way around it, lightening hair causes damage. We’re sorry. Even with the newest addition of bonding additives, your hair will incur some breakage and dryness as a result of lifting natural pigment and removing certain proteins. The lighter the hair (especially at the ends), the more brittle it can become. As a blonde, regular trims, conditioning treatments, and supplements are part of the process to maintain healthy, shiny, bright hair.

It’s possible to lose some length during your blonding journey. Many of our blonding clients supplement with an ingestible to aid in hair growth or use a natural product to aid in retaining hair longer.  Find a stylist who will be honest with you about what’s damaged and what you can do to prevent, heal, or release what’s necessary.

Blonde in the Short North Columbus

by Skylar Rose, Phia Salon, Short North Columbus, Oh

Pro tip:  It’s never too early to begin prepping your hair for a big color change! Talk to your stylist and see which protein-rich shampoos, conditioners, and at-home treatments they recommend to begin strengthening your hair OR clarifying out an existing color.

4. Listen to your hair stylist!

Sure, we’d all love to get those perfectly white locks, and the truth is many of us would immediately look washed out, aged, or blotchy. Exploring options is part of the fun of being blonde! Don’t get hung up on what you think you want. There may be a “better” blonde than what your favorite celeb is wearing…one that suits your skin tone and style. If you have found a talented professional that you trust, listen to their recommendations!

Taking your look to Blonde Heaven is no easy task and requires a lot of forethought, planning, and decisions along the way. Blonde is a lifestyle. If you’re in the Columbus, Ohio area we’d love to consult with you about your next steps toward becoming a blonde.


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