Long Hair, How to Care! Are Hair Extensions the Right Fit for You?

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I am a former anti-extensions stylist.  I used to even talk people out of getting hair extensions.

It wasn’t because of maintenance per se, but because I had an inner conflict over a perception that women needed to have long hair to be feminine. Being a woman who enjoys short hair that feels most feminine with it, I had a hard time wrapping my brain around wanting MORE hair on my head. Yet, the journey to research this topic, in order to write this blog, changed my perception! By weighing the pros and cons of hair extensions, learning the practical uses and taking into account the emotional decisions behind them, I opened my eyes to a whole new world of hair that I hadn’t dared to explore.

I had this notion that hair extensions were another way to deceive each other or sell a brand of femininity that I didn’t (and still don’t) personally subscribe to. I call it “The Eve Ideal.” We are fed this image of Eve from the Garden of Eden as the ideal First Woman. She is practically perfect in every way. Her hair is just the “right” length and density to cover her chest, creating even more allure. This woman is the pinnacle of creation; the Earth is now complete because she exists. Who wouldn’t want to be her? (We can ignore the rest of the story.)

So, with “The Eve Ideal” image being replicated by so many current influencers, it’s no wonder most of my clients spend their time wishing they had thicker hair, working for years to grow it out just a little bit longer…


This research challenged me on my own beliefs around femininity and hair.  I had to face myself and acknowledge that hair extensions are just another choice that women get to make. Is it unreasonable to want fuller hair? No! Is it appropriate to strive for healthy, long-as-possible locks? Absolutely! And is it just as liberating to feel your most feminine with a cropped pixie? You bet! I have come to realize that I don’t have to oppose “The Eve Ideal” in order to validate my own femininity, I can support both!

And that comes with the stylist credo to support you in realizing the vision you have for your hair. To understand the desire to have new things and look new ways. Believe us, we are seeing all the same inspo you are! It is also our job to be real with you about what’s going to work for you. If you want long hair, then let’s get you long hair! And let’s get clear on what it’s going to take.

The Reality

Hair extensions require an upfront investment and consistent maintenance. Before taking this step, you need to know what you will be getting yourself into as there is no way around it. If you are admittedly lazy with your hair (I’m right there with you), hair extensions are not for you. Let’s go over all the things you cannot do with extensions:

The Commandments of Hair Extensions

Thou cannot air dry.

Hair extensions must be blow dried, at minimum the bonds must be dried.

Thou cannot sleep with wet hair.

This will cause dreadlocks. (You read that right).

Thou cannot use whatever product you want.

You may use only those products recommended or approved by your stylist for your specific type of hair extensions. These will typically be a salon quality, sulfate-free, sodium chloride-free, color-safe shampoo and conditioner at minimum.

Thou cannot stay out of the salon for more than 6 weeks.

After this time period, your hair will have grown and your extensions moved with it. They will need to be professionally lifted or replaced as often as every month.

Thou cannot swim underwater.

This may sound contradictory, but hear me out. Submerging hair extensions in salty or chlorinated water will break down the bonds keeping them attached to your hair. You can still go to the pool and ocean (wishing we had those in Ohio), you’ll just want to keep your head above water.

Hair extensions require maintenance, the better you take care of your hair, the longer they will last. Extensions are a lifestyle change. As long as you’re willing to embrace the changes, they can support you in creating the vision you have for your ideal self!


If none of the above “Cannots”  phase you, but you’re still unsure of how you would feel with hair extensions, here are some ways to try out long hair with a lower investment.

Try on lace-front wigs!

Not only is this just super fun, but it’s a quick way to see yourself in many lights and guide you towards the hairstyle you may never know you wanted. (Spoiler alert: You may end up loving the look of shorter hair on yourself!)

Watch a youtuber try on some cute wigs from Amazon!


Clip extensions are quick and painless. They can be picked up at nearly any beauty supply store. If you’re in town in Clintonville or Columbus, Ohio our stylists at our Columbus, Ohio salons can cut the extensions to blend in with your current style! This can give you the power to feel hair extensions out temporarily before committing to a long-term change.  This video even shows a clip-in hair extensions bang hack!



Halo Extensions!

These are another temporary extension that can be easily slipped onto your current hair for length or density when wanted. And if you are asking yourself, “where to buy hair extensions in Columbus, Ohio?” we have you covered!  These bad girls can be ordered during a consultation at either of our salons in Clintonville or the Short North.

When it comes to a total, or even minimal, transformation like hair extensions you want someone who is going to be capable and straight with you. You want a stylist that will partner with you to help you achieve your desired vision realistically. Being informed is key! As stylists, we want to take care of you through this process! This is why my “phamily” and I rank the best salon for hair extensions in Columbus, Ohio.  We care about the hair goals our clients pursue. No matter what you subscribe to as beautiful, feminine, or downright cool, our mission to enhance your personal style of beauty and well-being.


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